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The recreational fusion, the hemp-hop dance, the chords completing each other to invite the timeless harmony into the now.

The India Pale Ale glows in crystal clear dark gold with the touch  of dank grassy herbal hops on a soft citrus cushion. It finishes clean and leaves a hemp coating on the tongue leaving it prepped for another sip, or ready to say something you have always wanted to bring it on.

DEGREES PLATO (°P):   14.1

ALCOHOL :   5.5% v/v

IBU:   45

Hemp in Liqweed

Hand-picked, carefully selected hemp plant parts (crumbled hemp leaves, stems, petals, and seeds). From our dedicated hemp plantation, located in a small village in Northern Hungary where plants are grown and dried naturally without any chemical treatment. The hemp used comes from a controlled plantation and does not contain psychoactive substances.

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