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BAZ Beer Brewery was created in 2018 as a real Tokaj rarity, our company produces new-wave and classic beer at the foot of the Tokaj Mountain. Our main goal is to provide good quality, locally-produced beer in the region, similar to the quality wine production of Tokaj in recent decades.

The best beer with state-of-the-art technology – our motto would say. Our young team is hungry for success and constantly strives to put the best beer out by preparing great recipes. In addition to premium-grade materials, our modern equipment ensures that the brewing water we use is local and crystal clear.


A brilliant, light beer based on Czech traditions and distinctive bitterness.

The moderate, bread-like taste of Pilsner malt, the fragrance of Czech noble hops and the esters of lager yeast are finely balanced in this light beer.

For the best results, it is prepared with special filtered water to stay true to the Pilsner recipe.

10.8 °P    Alc.: 4.5 % v/v    IBU: 35



A full-bodied, amber-colored beer along the lines of Czech red beers.

Thanks to the caramel malt, the taste is biscuit-like and sweet, bringing freshly baked sponge cake into mind. The bitterness of the hops almost fades away, giving room for its malt flavors.

Recommended for those excited to taste something new.

10.9 °P    Alc.: 4.2 % v/v    IBU: 25




A full-bodied and top-fermented ale beer with characteristic flavor, long-lasting, bitter aftertaste and bursting, fruity scent.

Thanks to the American hops used during brewing, the beer is rich in citrus flavors.


The long-lasting, bitter aftertaste is counterbalanced by the caramel malt body, and is recommended for special occasions.

13.5 °P    Alc.: 5.4 % v/v    IBU: 55



A unique way to recreate hemp terpene flavors in a beer complementing the hop flavors and hemp in a brand new, delicious way.

The beer pours out a crystal clear dark golden color with tastes of dank grassy hops, some light citrus and herbal/floral hops. It finishes clean and leaves a hemp coating on the tongue so as to coax you for another sip.

14.1 °P    Alc.: 5.5 % v/v    IBU: 45



A wheat beer with distinctive Belgian witbier features. Its fresh citrus scent is further enhanced by dry hopping with new generation American hops.

The pale-yellow refreshing wheat beer with its opalescent appearance from floating yeast has a creamy, thick, long lasting foam and a silky, soft feel that is well balanced by the soft bitterness of the hops.

13.0 °P    Alc.: 5.1 % v/v    IBU: 15


We offer our beers in two different packages

330 ml bottle

30 l KEG

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